Advantages of Using a Dofollow Public Social bookmarking Site

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First of all why do we want a social bookmarking site? As the name suggests we need a social bookmarking website to bookmark our favorite webpages, websites, articles or any exciting factors we find on the internet. We start tagging all these exciting factors on the internet but not on our local pc. We can access them later using any other pc or share with friends too.

What is dofollow?

The most important use of a social bookmarking website is that the customers keep returning for any updates on a consistent basis. Most of them allow customers to have a back-link to their website. But if the high company's information is not good, customers may not come returning thus dropping the precious visitors. This lead in bookmarking webpages to lose their useful back-links advantages of other webpages. This also lead in dropping web pagerank value etc.

Here, there are primarily two kinds of back-links allowed to be posted in any material.

1) Nofollow

2) Dofollow

In the case of dofollow, the website advices Search engines bot to crawl the back-link back again to its origin. This way the targeted web page gets useful back-links advantage. But here there is one problem. If the website allows every user to back-link to their webpages irrespective of the high company's information, this will lower the overall together with your website. Because back-links to the bad webpages will eat up the popularity of the hosting website. So over the period, bookmarking websites started acknowledging the fact that all the back-links of the website do not factor back again to the good webpages only but to the bad webpages too. They found that eventually they are dropping the value of the website. So they decided to make all back-links from their website as no follow so that back-link advantage will not be shared back again to other webpages. This way they are not dropping out any back-links to any other webpages.


By using only bookmarking websites which allow dofollow back-links one can get the main advantage of back-link juice. Here Search engines crawl crawls the back-link pointing to an outside website and index that web page. This way that exterior website gets indexed by Search engines crawl thereby allowing it to be ranked in the search engine results.

Another advantage is an increase in the visitors. Weblink or no link, any web page with a unique and top quality material always generates a following thus creating visitors. More visitors means better popularity of the website. Ultimately this also converts into a better rate of return from a business perspective.


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